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Our own research efforts are presently focused on main aspects of drug formulation and delivery.

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Our prime interest is to improve efficacy and safety of drug delivery and contribute to patient-friendly drug administration.


The involvement of the Drug Formulation & Delivery group in teaching includes a total of two mandatory courses in Galenical Pharmacy. A wide scope of drug formulation and delivery is covered, ranging from physical pharmacy, basic pharmaceutics, excipients and quality assurance to pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing, and selected aspects of biopharmaceutics, drug delivery and drug targeting.

News & Events


Stiftung Pfizer Forschungspreis

Dr. Vincent Forster mit der Firma Versantis (ehemaliges Mitglieder der Forschungsgruppe von Prof. Leroux) erhält 2016 den Pfizer Forschungspreis. Read more 


FORBES 30 under 30 Europe

Dr. Mattias Ivarsson, Cofounder of Inositec AG and former member of Prof. Leroux's Drug Formulation & Delivery research group, is listed in FORBES as one of the 30 under 30  persons with his non-antibiotic drug candidates that don't promote drug-resistant strains. Read more 


PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2015

Die PHOENIX group hat gestern den mit insgesamt 40.000 Euro dotierten PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2015 in Zürich vergeben. Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Leroux  und seine Forschungsgruppe gehört zu den Gewinnern. Read more 

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