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Our own research efforts are presently focused on main aspects of drug formulation and delivery.

Staff members

Our prime interest is to improve efficacy and safety of drug delivery and contribute to patient-friendly drug administration.


The involvement of the Drug Formulation & Delivery group in teaching includes a total of two mandatory courses in Galenical Pharmacy. A wide scope of drug formulation and delivery is covered, ranging from physical pharmacy, basic pharmaceutics, excipients and quality assurance to pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing, and selected aspects of biopharmaceutics, drug delivery and drug targeting.

News & Events


Symposium on Microencapsulation

The 20th International Symposium on Microencapsulation will be held at Northeastern University in Boston October 1st to 3rd, 2015. Read more 


Intolérance au gluten: et si on s'était trompé de coupable?

Prof. Leroux is interviewed by the TSR on new therapeutic options for celiac disease. Read more 


Radio interview

L'équipe de "CQFD" aborde les sujets les plus passionnants, décrypte et explique les découvertes, les maladies et les progrès scientifiques et médicaux. Read more 

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